Replica Cartier Jewelry Fair in Basel

In 2015 just rings down the curtain of Replica Cartier Jewelry Fair in Basel, bridges jewelry pound launched 2015 new masterpiece “straw mosaic jewelry, Cartier love Bracelets”.
This jewelry design inspiration from African lion, when global lion, tiger, large animals in the jeopardy, and African lions still widely distributed in the Sahara in Africa in the Sahara desert to the southern grass order. Lion has always been a symbol of the king style, and is given the definition of the sun, power, wisdom and justice. Cartier love Bracelets “mighty Biaohan, straightforward domineering tribute to the African lion, usually put free and easy appearance, but can delegation at the critical moment with them,” strategist, winning thousands of miles away “.
Replica Cartier love Bracelets “by layer by layer inlaid, shaped material, the screen projection such as emboss, the African lion strong Bi, rough and vigorous vigorous, oaks, the oaks, such as students, rich stereoscopic sense of Cartier love Bracelets” to absolute original ecological methods presented in the world and the former with Cartier love bold avant-garde, personality square watchcase, the masculine beauty and style of the king both.
Wheat mosaic history of two thousand years in China in China traditional handicraft, become an independent school. After thousands of years of inheritance and innovation, Chinese wheat mosaic craft formed unique “straw painting” form, boldly absorbs the collection of Chinese painting, prints, paper cutting, painting and oil painting and various art forms, showing interest in one day, exactly to the wonderful place of artistic conception. The production of fine and cumbersome and lengthy process and hard, the producers of patience, perseverance, and aesthetic ability etc. are a variety of test, because the Chinese nation diligence and determination of the quality, it created a China “straw mosaic” process “material beauty, industry and trade are the cleverest, painting environment” the unique aesthetic.

One Tank MC hollow hollow core watch

The so-called hollow is “paper-cut”, the two art common place is formed pattern, the pattern outside the excess part removed, craft to skilled, finished a little redundant, meticulous care. So, you 6 to watch out, is the dial all devices are exposed in front of you. Tank MC hollow watch Cartier, is a continuation of the classic design and the break the normal procedure.
Watchmaker to common mechanism based. With a needle to be part of the hollow out hole is drilled, removing excess metal. Then all carving knife edge modified into 45 degree angle to the hypotenuse and movement carved into different patterns. In the process of this very small aesthetic, they must also be reduced to the lowest level of the underlying movement of the perspective. So the production of hollow watch is a very difficult process. Not everyone can be one of the types of watches.

One Tank MC hollow hollow core watch case will burst of masculinity with full of modern sense. This innovative design, hollowing of the structure of the meter bridge with exquisite style interpretation of the Roman numerals scale. Watch equipped with Cartier wrist vests workshop to build the MC movement. Achievements of rare treasures.

Gold case, mosaic bright cut round diamond, eight angular shaped crown, inlaid with a single mink cut round diamond, sapphire crystal mirror, Roman numeral shaped hollow meter bridge, sword shaped blue class pointer, inlaid diamonds, Cartier MC type workshop refined manually on the chain mechanical movement, Roman numeral shaped hollow meter bridge, sapphire crystal table back. Waterproof to a depth of 3 meters.



Cartier diamond jewelry has the most professional

On February 2, 2016, sponsored by the “master of light and shadow” Cartier diamond jewelry naming of the British royal family POLO CLUB private venues glory unveiled. On that day, more than 300 guests invited to watch this wonderful game of polo. Both sides of the game to 6: 6 of the score to shake hands and. After the end of the game, all the guests to the venue auction scene, will transfer enduring love and warmth. Give more people to the diamond light China like the warmth of hope.
The polo game lineup, Baku Giuards polo team by the world ranking leading athletes Lyndon lea, in Prince William, Duke of Cambridge led dash broad green. While Prince Henry leading 10 horse riders not resigned to playing second fiddle, calmly. Horseback riding with the speed of passionate and natural and unrestrained vigorous posture, in where, reveals the ultimate elegant noble demeanor.
Cartier will be the day of the event raised all the money be donated to a charity organization, including war wreck removal mechanism of halo, the British School Swimming Association, and walking with the wounded, and Prince William and Prince Henry Pro selected other charities. Cartier will relentless pursuit of the natural diamond bright light adhere focussed on philanthropy, hoping through the intravenous drip charity help more people to help,  let Cartier eye-catching eternal diamonds shine shine everywhere.
With more than 125 years of professional experience in the diamond Cartier diamond jewelry has the most professional discourse power for the diamond. Cartier group in 1939 as consumers into 4C standard, and in 1947 the ingenuity of the smell in the world brand slogan “Diamond lasting far, a permanent circulation”. Replica Cartier jewelry is proud to be able to inherit this precious heritage of history.

Hgh-end custom Replica Hermes jewelry

France local time on the evening of February 1st, Jessica Chastain on the movie “the little foxes” two degree phase on Cannes red light. She dressed in a ElieSaah lavender color high level custom dress collocation, by the blue flame cutting cobalt stone inlaid enamel of high-end custom Replica Hermes  jewelry starlet (red carpet) diamond series. Showing a noble gesture, is already the Cannes red carpet into the home.
Is expected to filming of Marilyn Monroe biopic “golden hair girl” by Jessica Chastain sexy yet elegant charm let she immediately became the red carpet of the focal point. Ear that with Baroque romantic diamond earrings, the wind is full of change and dynamic and unique line design show from the extraordinary technology, thick inlaid diamonds, the retro Earrings showing a faction fantasy style, Jessica luxury dazzling.
Replica Hermes Enamel is a famous Belgian jewelry brand, and is the largest jewelry retailer in China. In 2006, appeared in the world of luxury 100 brands, the company created the 89 facets of octagon blue flame cutters diamond, over 95 years moisten stone cutters revolution. “Blue flame” diamond cut, compared to traditional surface 55 and 57 facet cut diamonds, fire color more bright glow with heart and soul of the blue light photo, makes one be unable to resist.
Hermes enamel from 2009 onwards, a Berlin Film Festival official designated jewelry sponsor, and become the Zhang Ziyi, Kate Ravens Te (Titanic the heroine, 2009 Best Actress Oscar winner) Zhao Wei and other international first-line star of the official supplier of jewelry.

Hong Kong Cartier the film Cartier Love Rings Diamond

Cartier on 27 January 2016 held magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry auction, presenting more than 300 pieces of jewelry, the total valuation up 8 billion Hong Kong dollars / 1 billion dollars. The auction season key is called the “eyes” of the Cartier Love Rings 40.05 carat Zuse national Replica Cartier Love Rings diamond the Star Diamond is palpable in Asia to sell in the history of the Cartier Love Rings diamond.
The famous French traveler and the jeweler is Baptiste Taweinie will take to the west of Cartier Love Rings diamond. He had in the 17th century repeated visits to India, bring a lot of diamond back to the French court for dumping, more by King Louis XIV, known as “a pool of Cheongdam”.
Hong Kong Cartier the film Cartier Love Rings Diamond Pendant Necklace inlaid Colombian emeralds and the two single weighing 40.05 carat and 6.76 carat Cartier Love Rings diamond, won the United States GIA named D color internally flawless level. This season is also launched – a series of rare color diamonds, of which the focus is 9.38 carat pear shaped thick pink diamond ring. Other top color drill consists of 12.05 carat teardrop shaped D/IF diamond and 2.04 carat pillow of concentrated color Diamond Pendant Necklace shaped, 6.13 carat pillow shaped thick color green ring, 10.02 carat Marquise fresh color yellow diamond ring, and 1.06 carat pillow shaped fresh color, green, and blue color diamond ring in addition to this, in the auction held on 27 May, a of 25.49 and 25.3 carat pear shaped diamond earrings set the record of the world auction record for, to more than the transaction price of $9.7 million was purchased by an Asian private collectors.

Senior jewelry brand Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

2016, the birth of the two innovative designs to make sense of the senior jewelry brand Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry logo – Cleef Arpels & Van Alhambra  series with a variety of absolute shock color world! More personalized color size match thorough interpretation of the series refused to mediocrity, subversion of the traditional concept of the variety, women can be in the classic, a large, new mini diamond and a van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Xpress selected competent for all kinds of dress, on various occasions, the color mood.
Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra, van Cleef & Arpels family enjoys a global jewelry beloved to crystal diamond, open a new strong discourse.
In order to create platinum rings as Tim elegant white diamonds, the large Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra ring cherish. At the same small ear hook earrings with clear diamond line spread. Inheritance van Cleef & Arpels, attention to detail the design concept, van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra series attracted launched Keren favorite Mini ring. Rose gold and white gold ring inlaid colored topaz, amethyst, Madeira stone, Green Amethyst and lemon crystal gem five.
In 2016, Mann orchid treasure the family three marks of jewelry series, van Cleef & Arpels, Alhambra, Capri and Sabbia pay by the talented young artists through the shadow image interpretation charm, in giving their free play space and, at the same time, more fully respect three creative film finally presented utterly different style and personality interpretation.
The film directed by Francesco Carrozzini in the light and shadow J tell the story. The story is inspired by the Cleef Arpels & Alhambra Van series of rings and the essence of the temperament, for the screenwriter, this is the true model of change. Given to “beauty”, that is “confident” this case, in the young director of the lens, the “turn change” to the absolute perfect condition and is increasingly temptation.

Replica Cartire jewelry night in Beijing

January 27, 2016 Replica Cartire jewelry night in Beijing – passion bloom mansion. In order to express the attention of the country for the first time to visit the country, Cartire brand founder Carrera Svetlana and chief executive officer of jewelry Kupriyanova Mr.Manucl debut in the evening activities and do a wonderful speech. Domestic renowned movie star Zhang Lanxin miss as night invited guests wear Cartier love Bracelets when the main season jewelry dynamic display.
Spain’s top jewelry brands Replica Cartier love Bracelets has over 120 years of history. Currently operates in more than 40 countries, including subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Russia, and in Malaysia Deli, Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, plus a new slope. And in other countries and cities are equipped with boutiques.
Cartier love Bracelets jewelry design philosophy source on the top art essence absorption and fusion. Sources in the classical ideas of liters of. Each a luxury Replica Cartier love Bracelets jewelry behind all have a profound meaning of design idea. That night on display in the Emperor series of silk as the main display jewelry, with an ancient and mysterious story of the design of: thrilling treasure circulation is Spanish style innovation as the Chinese and Western cultural fusion to make the perfect present, dazzling jewelry has the profound meaning. Each piece of jewelry in the limelight has now the faint halo seemed to tilt the, in a whisper.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelets jewelry making process in the world’s top jewelry making field occupies a very unique position. Jewelry works of every piece of Cartier love Bracelets is a classic Spanish process, craft exquisite jewelry artisans skilled use matte and bright, to produce a mow a comparable to the art of water piece of jewelry. The achievements of the each a unique self-confidence.

Hermes jewelry in the summer season of professional jewelry show

This exhibition is sponsored by the Beijing Co., Ltd. Replica Hermes jewelry in the summer season of professional jewelry show, nearly 20000 square meters of the scale of the exhibition, booth number up to about 1000 booths. The exhibition range. Includes almost all kinds of jewelry. Gem diamonds, jade, ruby and sapphire, aquamarine, worship to pay the bismuth, artificial stone, amber, coral, cat’s eye, tourmaline, opal, all kinds of high middle and low, dazzling; Jane special diamond jewelry, platinum silver jewelry, gold jewelry,Replica hermes enamel bracelets, jade jewelry tens of thousands of fashion boutique jewelry everything outside and watches, precious metals and gem mineral products jewelry production equipment and tools, packaging, props, alfalfa jewelry ornaments detection and measurement instrument will show to Beijing consumers to create a diversified platform for jewelry consumption.
Elegant used ruby, sapphire, beautiful imperial jade green, dazzling large carat diamond, beautiful top Arka red coral will ignite passion for collectors in Beijing and a lot of jewelry lovers; Taiwan designers to bring the ingenious design, bring some brand customization service will be pursuit of exquisite consumer attention focal point. In addition, there are some domestic jewelry brand will bring their innovation patent jewelry processing mosaic art. These will be eye-catching bright spot. The exhibition, the organizers will still invite the national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center of the right to salt experts in the field free identification, advisory services.

Hermes scarves and Hermes bracelets is winter essential

In recent years, Hermes in order to develop business, enhance their visibility, will hold some activities every year. In 2012 organized the “Silk Hermes swaying dance” retro music party in 2013, “rhyme animal life” activities in 2014 with a scarf as the theme of the sports event, the event in bright light tone, construct a creative thinking of intense battlefield, showing a horse Shi on the spirit of sports unremitting pursue.
Hermes scarves and Replica Hermes bracelets is winter essential, is every woman’s favorite, Hermes technics by decades of accumulation, with the spirit of hard craftsmen, weave a beautiful section of the eternal story. Hermes has always respected movement,
This sporting event is the perfect interpretation of the brand for the movement of the love and admiration for the silk scarf. Live hundreds of guests dressed in casual sports fashion clothes, swim in the Hermes carefully constructed event.
Each sport area is cleverly divided into a separate space, each sport device and Replica Hermes jewelry is in motion for Hermes, Hermes dislike those inherent motion mode, breaking the fixed thinking, add a bit of excitement and pleasure, that the guests are trying to participate in the field.
This building with love from the venue, you can see with Hermes scarves and basketball frame material, decorate the walls, everywhere is full of those sports passion, this is the perfect outstanding sport and art fusion. The participation of a large number of guests”.

Choose the jewelry – Cartier Love series

With the development of the society, many people feel like the end of the day, there is no curiosity, no passion, people always want to have something new, from time to time to break the thinking, to make life more fun. In the face of jewelry design, people are not curious, too beautiful and elegant, although still like, but it is difficult to let people set off too much of the waves, and now is the pursuit of the kind of personality is the most attractive eyes. So you want to be a fashion figure, you can choose the jewelry?
Replica Cartier Jewelry Love series
According to the record, this series of jewelry in the ordinary century was born, is the people’s faith in the immortal and the classic symbol of the cult, but also some people say that it is a rebellious youth, has a rebellious design. And it’s also a fashion icon.
1971, Italy designer Cipullo Aldo is a famous designer, one day he saw a love letter on the table, so he was very moved, so the design of the love series of jewelry, a Love bracelets, LOVE rings, LOVE necklace, a heart that is pure and clean feelings. This warm and chic design, the inherent temperament of the rebels, so that Love is not only an accessory, but also a force, temperature and wisdom.
2016, Cartier Love series to respond to people’s needs, on the basis of the original extended more form, the perfect love in the world of eternal existence. This extraordinary piece of jewelry is available in gold, rose gold, platinum, and diamond,Replica Cartier Love bracelets, Replica Cartier LOVE rings, Replica Cartier LOVE necklace, in large or small.